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FUCK YOU August 25, 2007

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Profile page Updated. July 12, 2007

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    The profile page is updated. It have more and more new things go and look for it. It shows how many creatures you kill and etc.. What are the monster you have killed they have to update that coz doesn’t show all picks. ETC…

Thats all for know ppl!


Contact page,View My Statistics page, And help page are already Lunched! July 8, 2007

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The account page and the page you couldn’t see not all of them majority. Its Cool. TBA is having a lot of updates this year! New versions new pages new things and so then. Til was asking me a question How did they make Cp? New Horizon Interactive Created it.


Well I don’t have so much things to said. Clubpenguin only have 2 years man! And it have like 3451,0124,45 Hits with like 4m Registered. It took me a lot of time to make that game. We have after another site but then we closed it because it was hacked. I discover my pass but all the accounts were hacked and deleated from the database. That was horible because people were memb and they losee all there money and items. Then the people that were member after that were like 1m ppl We become ALL of them memb again. It took 5 months to make members all of them.

Thats all i have to said!


New News! July 7, 2007

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Hello there are new news. Its almost the same but there is 1 new more news updated.


Well thats all!

New Version! July 7, 2007

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Til updated it we are in version 25.280!!Finnaly!



Tba Chatroom! July 7, 2007

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There is a tba Chatroom! If you want to go here is the link:


You will be able to chat with people. If you are a memb and you have never go to the chatroom and you are a member contact a mod or admin. If your not a memb Dont contact them kk?

Here is more info:

icon Colors! Gold=Administrator,White=Moderator,Blue=Member,Green=User,Red=Offline,Black=Banned, Important Information! Hello everyone when you enter the chatroom we need you to change your name to your exact in-game name for security reasons and so we can change your status to a Member or Moderator if needed.


That its not the real chatbox LOL! Its a pick!


Refferal Link July 7, 2007

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There is a refferal link competition!!

Ok know if you want to participate go to tbadventure.com Then click account and then log in. Then go again to account and then look where it says refferal link it should said it!

Referral Link
Help us out and we’ll help you! If you manage to get 30 people to signup to TBA we’ll give you a *free membership! Remember registering yourself is not allowed and will be tracked.

All you need to do is give the link to all your friends or anyone who might be interested in TBA and we’ll credit you 1 referral credit per person who signs up.

 Then it will said:Your current referal rank is: 0

Your referral link is:http://www.tbadventure.com/register/index.php?ref=(The Id they give you should be there)

Did you know? I won the refferal link thats why im a memb! see? Sign up know if you are not a member! This is your only opportunity! Look!

(Refer more than 30 new players to TBA and recieve a free 1 year membership! *Offer Ends 1st September 2007*)



School Of magic sneak peak! July 7, 2007

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Hello School of magic will be updated you will be able to enter and buy magic. It will be opened today july7 here is a sneak peack picture.

school1.jpgClick here to put it bigger!

The school of magic is in the town here are the steps!

First go to the monhole

Then always go stray

Then when you get and you see like rocks and its blocked..

You will have to buy a dynamite

Then when you have bought it..

Go there again

Then go near and then donate it

Then Stand forward

And then it will open

Then you will see a gate

You will need a key

That key I dont know where to find it

I just found it on the floor and i got it

Then go stray

Then you will see another monhole

then enter to the tent

Then in the door

Open it

Then you You are in school of magic!!!

Well about the key you will have to ask somebody like D-Gam3r or til or me and i will sell it to you at 500gp.


Its my party! July 7, 2007

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Hello my party its on july 9 so i decided make a party on tba it will be in the nightclub.

Hello remember my party is on june9 remember to bring your party hat it will be in the night club this is bad because Im from usa and it have different Time So i think it will be at 6 pm at night that in here is 12:00 I hope you come, Spybouncer

I will get my party hat!! Yahoo!!! Okie dokie!


News! July 7, 2007

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Here is the new news!


So exams are over, now TBA gets going!

Here is the news:

So, exams over! Lets get down to business my lovely’s. Here’s the schedule for updates.

To do Version Date
– Mutations fix, Weapons add, (Boss) 25.000 28/06/07
– Hover Scooters, new islands 25.100 29/06/07
– Beach additions (10 maps) and beach map fixes 25.150 30/06/07
– Map muddle fix woods>City>Desert> 25.200 01/07/07
– Magic (complete 3 tests) no update 02/07/07
– Magic (Magic levels) no update 03/07/07
– Magic (The school graphics) no update 04/07/07
– Magic Spells no update 05/07/07
– Magic Spells no update 06/07/07
– Waterfalls for magic revive 26.000 07/07/07
Version 26.000 full test, review and bug fixing no update 08/07/07
Version 26.000 full test, review and bug fixing 26.050 09/07/07
– Rest   10/07/07
– Pets (new pet animations) 26.500 11/07/07
– Clothes shop, start economic price fluctuations 26.550 12/07/07
– Economic price fluctuations 27.000 13/07/07
– New plants and seeds for gardening 27.010 14/07/07
– New Skill, Potion maker 27.500 15/07/07
– Buy land and build on it 28.000 16/07/07
– Plots designated, buildings can be built 28.500 17/07/07
– Map build (islands, woods, dark woods, beaches, towns, ghost town, moons, volcanos, water) 29.000 18/07/07
– Map build continues 29.100 19/07/07
– Quests no update 20/07/07
– Add Quests 29.500 21/07/07
– Guilds, create, join 29.600 22/07/07
– Guild arenas, battle guilds 29.700 23/07/07
– Mini ski no update 24/07/07
– Mini Kart no update 25/07/07
– Mini games continue no update 26/07/07
– Hov Wars no update 27/07/07
– Test all and bug fix 29.800 28/07/07
– Bug fixing   29/07/07
– Bug fixing   30/07/07
– Website stats update and profile additions and fixes 30.000 31/07/07

Alternate things may be added and some things will not be included, however I aim to reach a completed version by 31st july 2007.
Progress will be reported here (leave a comment)

The official forum is here for more information go to:

Announcement Here!

Another news!

Magic its today july 7!!! Cool!