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Refferal Link July 7, 2007

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There is a refferal link competition!!

Ok know if you want to participate go to tbadventure.com Then click account and then log in. Then go again to account and then look where it says refferal link it should said it!

Referral Link
Help us out and we’ll help you! If you manage to get 30 people to signup to TBA we’ll give you a *free membership! Remember registering yourself is not allowed and will be tracked.

All you need to do is give the link to all your friends or anyone who might be interested in TBA and we’ll credit you 1 referral credit per person who signs up.

 Then it will said:Your current referal rank is: 0

Your referral link is:http://www.tbadventure.com/register/index.php?ref=(The Id they give you should be there)

Did you know? I won the refferal link thats why im a memb! see? Sign up know if you are not a member! This is your only opportunity! Look!

(Refer more than 30 new players to TBA and recieve a free 1 year membership! *Offer Ends 1st September 2007*)





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