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About Me!©

My real name is Jacobprizio. I’m from USA. TBA its from England. I have 14 and in 9th of july i will have 15. I like to eat pizza lasagna and so italian food and american food. I have 50% of american and 50% of italian. I dont know how to speak italian a little bit. My mother its from usa and my fahter its from italy and usa. I have 1 brother his name is joshua. We are Cristian if you are not agree tolerate it. My mother name is rita read prizio my father name is frank prizio and my brother name is joshua prizio. In my family we are 4. I have a lot of cousin and more from my family but it will take me a lot to said so you only have to know of me and my mom and brother and father and me.

Well this is my history ok?




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